No added sugar labelling changes

No added sugar labelling changes

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code has been amended to clearly define ‘added sugars’ for ‘no added sugar’ claims on food labelling and advertising.

No added sugar claims will NOT be permitted where a food:

  • contains, or is, an ‘added sugar’ which is now defined (e.g. a jar of honey)
  • does not contain ‘added sugar’ but contains more sugars (i.e. monosaccharides and
    disaccharides) than:
    • 10.0 g /100 g for solid food
    • 7.5 g /100 mL for liquid food

Additionally, unsweetened claims will NOT be permitted for foods that contain intense sweetners such as erythritol or low energy sugars.

These new rules also apply to alternate wording (synonyms) for ‘no added sugar’ and ‘unsweetened’.

Transition Period

There will be a four-year transition period to 04 December 2027 with an additional two year stock in trade period to 04 December 2029 to allow food labelling to be updated before the changes come into full effect.

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Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash