give your product a tempting advantage with health claims

Reach new consumers by using approved food health claims

Food Envy Labelling services can help your product stand out from the rest!

Standard 1.2.7 Consulting

Are you using pre-approved nutrition, health and related claims under Standard 1.2.7 on your food products? Do you want to? 

We can review your food labels specifically against the Standards to check compliance and advise you on any additional claims that can be made. Currently, food labelling software packages do not encompass this function. 

Systematic Reviews for specific health claims

Do you really want your product to stand out? Why not take the additional step of notifying the regulator of a Food-Health Relationship? 

If a health claim is not pre-approved under Standard 1.2.7, FSANZ requires that for each product, a business must certify that the food-health relationship has been established by systematic review in accordance with the Standard.

Michelle is qualified to research and prepare systematic reviews for your food-health relationship and submit detailed notifications on your behalf to the Chief Executive Officer of FSANZ. 

Only products that have provided this notification can use the particular health claim, so it is a bit of an elite club! This unique labelling ability could be an important game changer in the marketing your product to your target consumers.  

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